Loose Weight Through Naturopathy

Naturopathic Weight Loss focuses on addressing any underlying concerns that may be affecting your ability to lose and maintain your new weight. It combines different treatment modalities such as nutrition, yogic diet, body detox, body rejuvenation, botanical medicine and lifestyle counseling. The weight loss process is taken care of by balancing the Kapha content.

Rather than depending on supplements or drugs, Naturopathy helps in balancing the body’s 5 elements (basis which the chakras and doshas are balanced) and cleanses it of toxins and effectively treats the problem from the root. Weight loss can only be achieved if the number of calories burned are more than the intake and balance is maintained.

Dr. Reetu Panwar (Naturopathy and Yoga Expert) provides a Holistic Program by understanding your need and helps you lose weight by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

She would prescribe a program based on the following –

  • A balanced diet of whole foods which improve insulin sensitivity
  • Maximizing essential nutrients, with least calories in the die
  • Getting sufficient sleep because hormones valuable for repairing your body tissues are released when one is asleep
  • A nutrient supplementation that repairs and rebuilds fats and structural proteins
  • Stress management to handle problems like self-image
  • Emotional connections with food plus your state of mind while eating

There are other ways to loose weight as well. It is very important to maintain a Holistic Approach while trying to lose weight. It might not show instant results but would be very healthy for your body in the long run.

Make Nutrients your Friend – The most important thing to know when you are hungry is that your body is demanding nutrients and not unhealthy calories. Let food not take control of your mind. That happens when we put long gaps in food. Eat in small batches but eat every few hours (specially for people working in corporates) so that the body doesn’t go into a reactive state of picking anything and eating.

Chew your food slowly and let it digest properly. Will help boost your metabolism. Remember – Do mindful eating.

Learn how to eat mindfully from Dr. Reetu Panwar – Holistic Healing Point 

Meditate –  

We all know a destressed and calm mind functions much much better then a mind full of stress. Meditation is a very good Holistic Approach for Weight Loss. It keeps your mind at peace and helps you deal with things with a much more positive approach. It helps you take control over your mind and body and keeps the anger at bay. Stress only makes you gain weight as tend to binge eat in tension and do not take care of what you are eating. A content mind lets you think and keeps your craving in control because of which you are able to loose weight easily.

Yoga – 

Begin your exercise journey with yoga for weight loss poses that will help burn fat, build muscle tone, and give you more flexibility.

Yoga, the wonder tool for enhancing one’s mental and physical health, is an ideal aid for weight loss. It acts like an aerobic exercise when done at moderate speed, helping one to get in shape.

Moreover, it holds an advantage over other workouts – it diminishes stress – one of the main factors that lead to weight gain. It leaves you feeling relaxed, fresh and focussed. The reason behind it is that yoga brings your mind, body, and breath in harmony, thereby eliminating the stress.

Learn different Yoga Asanas from Dr. Reetu Panwar for easy weight loss. 

Yogic Diet – 

The correct yogic diet is the one that does as little harm as possible, builds your prana and sattva, and makes you feel good physically and emotionally

Ideally a yogic diet would be rich in sattvic foods. Sattvic foods are generally fresh vegetables, grains, and legumes, mild spices and mildly sweet foods. However, a sattvic diet does include some dairy products such as cows milk and ghee. According to Ayurveda, this is the best diet for a person trying to loose weight to adopt.

Indulge into these very simple methods of lifestyle change, food and yoga and see your body transforming naturally.

Get in touch with Dr. Reetu Panwar – +91 – 95607 39885

For detailed understanding of your problem, you can also visit the clinic – Holistic Healing Point, 1303, Sector 52, Near Ardee Mall, Gurgaon.

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